Shocking Data: 11 Million Deaths Worldwide

shocking data

It is not a coincidence that one of the main causes of different diseases is poor nutrition and of course, harmful eating habists. Several studies have revealed that healthy eating – including healthy food and healthy eating habits and lifestyle can be a key factor in preventing serious diseases. According to the Global Burden of Disease Study, the „Standard American Diet” is constantly killing the population, and it can be responsible for 11 million deaths on an international level. This is a huge number, and it is even more shocking that there is tangible evidence of the fact that bad eating can lead to serious, often deadly diseases like type 2 diabetes and cancer.

The Study & The Shocking Result

Adults over 25 years of age were studied based on 15 different dietary factors. Data was collected in 195 countries between 1990 and 2017. The scale of the study shows that this is the most comprehensive analysis to date on the connection between poor eating habits and mortality. Research has revealed that dietary factors, such as high salt intake, shockingly low fruit and vegetable intake, processed food consumption and excessive sugar intake cause 11 million deaths worldwide. This means that one in five people die due to poor diet and unhealthy eating habits. According to researchers, in general people consume ten times as much sugary drinks and twice as much processed meat as would be recommended.

Solution: Healthy Eating

Fortunately, serious disease can be easily prevented by eating healthy food and creating healthy eating habits. We can safely say, that variety is key when it comes to healthy eating. Don’t stick to the regular dishes, you eat every day. Try something new and feel free to experiment with new ingredients and flavors. A varied diet guarantees that all the necessary nutrients are being provided to our body. Try to reduce fat-intake and focus on low-fat dishes. Instead of deep frying, try steaming or slow cooking in non-stick cookware. The study revealed that salt consumption is really high, so try to use less salt when cooking and use lots of spices instead. Try to avoid food with added sugar, and try to substitute sugar with honey or natural sweeteners like erythritol or stevia. Eat more raw vegetables and fruit every day all year long. The good news is that healthy diet does not mean prohibition. There are no forbidden dishes, only amounts to be avoided! Remember, “health starts from the inside”.

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