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What health-conscious brands can you find on our site?

The manufacturer of Update products is one of Europe’s leading low carb bakery manufacturers and wins several awards in its category each year.

Each product is made with the latest low carb, no added sugar technology. Bakery products can be purchased in Frozen form in our web shop. In addition to baked goods, Update has countless low carb and no added sugar products. The most prominent product categories are the following: pastas, flour mixes, puddings, jams, sweets and beverages. A revolutionary innovation of the Update is the Keto Friendly product line, which facilitates the life for those who follow the keto diet. These products include Frozen products, pasta and sauces as well.



The Szafi Products,includes products that are unique in Europe; flours that can be used to make pancakes, bread, baguettes and donuts.
It is important to mention that these products are also free of added sugar, soy and milk. The Szafi Products category has two subcategories: Szafi Free and Szafi Reform. It is important to know that Szafi Free products are 100% vegan, soy-free, gluten-free, sugar-free. Slow-absorbing flours, pastas and jams are part of this subcategory. All the flour mixes are very easy to use, almost all of them require only water and lemon. Szafi Reform products are low carb, gluten free, soy free and sugar free. We recommend these products to our gluten-sensitive, sweet-toothed customers, but of course they also fit into the diet of those on a normal diet because of their low carbohydrate content and because they do not contain added sugar. Patients with IR and PCOS can also enjoy these products, while monitoring and measuring their daily sugar and carbohydrate intake. Never exceed the amounts prescribed by your doctor!

Dia wellness product line has been on the market for several years, and the taste of the products is very similar to traditional flavors. Easy-to-use flour mixes, delicious pastas, jams, sauces: all of these products are added sugar free and low carb.



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