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Slim and Smart Healthy Options

Inulin powder (chicory fiber) 500g

Boost Gut Health with Low-Calorie Water-Soluble Prebiotic Fiber

Dia-Wellness SucraFree 1:4 sugar substitute

Dia-Wellness SucraFree 1:4: A Revolutionary Sucralose-Free Sweetener 500g Discover the ultimate sweetening solution with Dia-Wellness SucraFree 1:4, meticulously designed to cater to health-conscious individuals and those monitoring their blood sugar levels. Our innovative sweetener is completely free of sucralose, offering a delightful taste without the worries associated with artificial sweeteners. 🍬 Experience Pure Sweetness Without [...]

Dia-Wellness Pancake Mix 500g Or 2500 g

Rich in protein Easy-to-use Made with sweeteners Just add water!


Dia-Wellness Low GI Flour Mix 50% Less Carb 500g Or 5000g

Low carb flour mix Rich in dietary fiber Wheat flour substitute Wheat bran fiber for healthy gut


Dia-Wellness Baking Flour CH-40 2000g

Elevate your baking with Dia-Wellness Baking Flour CH-40 the healthier, low-carb alternative that keeps your baked goods delicious without the excessive carbs!

Dia-Wellness Baking Flour -1000g Or 5000g

Low carb content Rich in dietary fiber Perfect for baking bread and cakes Great price-value ratio For general kitchen use Universal flour