Lifestyle Change of a Mother of Four

One of our missions is to tell the stories of women, who have managed to change their lifestyle and lose weight with the help of healthy food and workout… and of course, determination and stamina. We asked them about their favourite healthy food products (e.g. low carb, gluten free, vegan etc.) and workout routine. These women managed to achieve the “dream body”, which is a huge success in itself, but the important thing is that most of them got rid of several health problems as well. The aim of these interviews was to help and motivate others, who want to undergo a lifestyle change and to show that anyone can do it! The following story is about Edit’s diet. Read it carefully because we can learn a lot from her.

Edit Mester


Age: 41
From: Gödöllő, Hungary
After one and a half year and giving birth to four children.
“I chose low carb products because I can hardly say goodbye to the desserts. With these products, I found a healthy solution.”
My favorite Norbi update low carb products are the following:


“I love them! Since I started my diet, I eat every morning low carb diet cocoa rolls for breakfast. Of course, I use Norbi Update low carb flour for baking cakes. I can only drink my coffee with Norbi Update sweetener! The Norbi Update chocolate instant pudding mix is part of my daily routine. And I drink Norbi Update low carb protein shake after every workout session. “

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